Welcome to Topanga Records


One of my first memorable social events in Los Angeles was a yoga class I attended in Topanga in 1974. It was quite the hippy community then and, it seems, Topanga has always had its share of artists and musicians in residence, including Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Taj Mahal, Emmylou Harris, Etta James and more.

Living in San Fernando Valley and working in West Los Angeles for the past decade, on most days I’d rather drive through the canyon and then down Pacific Coast Highway to get to work than take the always congested freeways, including our nation’s busiest interchange, where the 101 meets the 405. The roads can be windy and oncoming traffic can stray into the lane, but mostly it’s time well spent in Nature’s splendor.

So, though I am a bit more of a “commuter” than a local, I still found it compelling to name my nascent music project “Topanga Records,” as, I am sure, more than a little bit of my inspiration to write has come from moments of awakening while in the road. My song, Homeless Man, came to me all at once as I turned the corner at PCH one day, having realized that the fellow who had occupied that spot was not there as expected. I had to stop my car and sit on the shoulder of the road to write the first two verses that flew into my head, notes and all.

My initial idea was to release first my own Life is in Session CD, then, as friends completed their own projects, to offer them a platform to showcase their songs too. The offer is still out there, but I’ve also realized that a CD/album project is a heck of a lot of work.

Hoping that you are entertained, uplifted, moved, amused, and, well, happy with what you find and hear on this site. Good living needs good listening too. Take care and be well.

Allan Comeau